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Imagine waking up one morning and find that your identity has been stolen and you credit and bank accounts are at a $0 balance?

Well it happens every two seconds in the US. Much of it occurs in FLORIDA. You’ve read, I’m sure, that Florida leads the nation in fraud for the filing of Income Tax by felonious means.

One company claims that they will protect you for up to $1 million dollars in expense to restore your identity. Well ID Shield will protect you up to $5 million dollars the same price.

Also most of us also feel helpless when we are in need of Legal Help. We shutter at the thought of the costs and financial exposure when we need an experienced counselor that can provide answers to the questions we have when faced by challenged by external legal issues.

Legal Shield is a service which provides legal assistance when needed for a small recurring monthly fee. You insure your health, car, home, life but Legal Shield insures your piece of mind.


Get advice from an IDShield Licensed Private Investigator during normal business hours
or get assistance in an emergency 24/7/365.


  • Making financial transactions
  • Shopping online
  • Communicating online
  • Using your SSN


  • How to identify scams & schemes
  • How to read your credit report
  • How to stop credit card junk mail
  • Medical & criminal ID fraud/theft
  • Minor & deceased ID fraud/theft


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  • Lost or stolen wallet
  • Credit freezes
  • Sex offender searches
  • Alerting credit reporting agencies
  • SSN Skip Trace fraud detection




  • Current ID theft & fraud issues
  • Monthly ID theft news updates
  • Data breaches
  • Dashboard alerts




Write to impress! Write a line about the feature mentioned above.

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