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As Americans most of us were raised to believe that if we work hard and save, we should be able to leave the work environment at the age of 65. We were also taught that between our company pensions and social security payments we should be able to live somewhat comfortably into our golden years especially if we also had some extra savings stashed away. That certainly is not the case anymore. Social Security age has gone up, pensions are being eliminated because - 


corporations have not kept up with the funding and the 401K product is tied to a volatile stock market while inflation is now its worst in 40+ years. You need help. 85% of small business employees don’t have a way to save thru a or 401K. Business owners aren’t aware of the power of a IUL as a substitute for “Ks”. The “Cares Act” passed in 2021 has a Regulation 7702 that allows to put away u to 6 times what was previously allowed. We should talk about where to put your retirement money SOON!
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Protection Plan
In a recent Prudential survey of small businesses, Workers who are financially stressed overwhelmingly cited that they wanted their company to give them an opportunity to participate in a Retirement Savings Plan. You might think now that I am looking to sell you a 401k product. Well I could but there is actually something better out there thanks to a government regulation called 7702 in the "Cares Act" What's better about it? Both you and your employees can participate at a higher level and the funds are "Tax Exempt" because it is in a Life Insurance Product instead of a deferred tax status. You can still deduct the cost as a benefit but both you and the employee don't pay tax of the proceeds. Think you should call me?


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  • Trinity Insurance

    This is a method of Insuring your money. It also can give you lifetime earnings depending on the product you choose. You never can know when a Global Issue can affect your equity positions. Annuities are a great way to put a Financial Floor in your retirement or to help you with an inheritance or financial windfall. We have all the prominent and top carrier access for these products. We are part of the ”SAFE MONEY” network which means we act as fiduciaries with your money.
    Annuities Do's and Don'ts Book

    Health Insurance

    Health Insurance is always an interesting part of any conversation. At Trinity we are certified to offer insurance thru the ACA Marketplace which has several different carriers and types of plans with deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Some cover vision and dental although they can be offered separately.
    There are also different plans that are not part of the ACA government plan, They are short term plans for two or less years of coverage, and Indemnity Plans with different types of payouts. 
    Medicare Insurance
    Although our government provides limited medical coverage fort adds Seniors and certain groups of people with disabilities and medical conditions it is important in most cases to purchase insurance that adds coverage and covers the gaps in Original Medicare. There are several options be they Supplements and Drug coverage from various carriers to PPO and HMO plans called ADVANTAGE plans. We are appointed by all carriers to offer the best plan that suits your needs with YOUR doctors and HOSPITALS and that covers your prescription drugs.
    Life Insurance
    Everyone needs Life Insurance. It is available to protect loved ones from you passing or pay for college educations or various other uses. There are both Temporary and Permanent types. 

    The younger you are when you purchase it the less expensive it is. Since the death Benefits are TAX EXEMPT in most cases it is a good way to pass on some wealth portions of your portfolio. Indexed Universal Life Policies are great for that purpose. Let’s talk about helping you.

    Personal Lines

    Personal Lines of Insurance refers to insurance for your most valued possessions beside your family. It covers your Auto, Home, Condo, Renters, Motorcycle, Boat and other personal items. At Trinity Insurance we act as Brokers for this type of Insurance. What that means is that we partner with all or most of the carriers that offer these types of insurance services. It gives us the ability to get the lowest competitive prices for the most insurance. Call us ad let us get you a quote.
    Commercial Lines
    This type of Insurance is for Businesses and Companies that might need coverage for their property, products, contracts, and employees. 

    Again, we are a Broker who can seek to get the most coverage for the most affordable prices from National Carriers.
    Long Term Care Insurance
    This type of insurance that is primarily bought by folks that have a family history of medical conditions or at a high level of affluence that want to protect their retirement money from the high costs of assisted living or institutional care.

    It can also come as a rider attached to a life insurance policy or annuity.
    Identity Theft
    This crime is rampant today. You must be extremely careful who you give your personal information to.
    It can also come as a rider attached to a life insurance policy or annuity.

    Hacking either on a large national scale or at your local gas station is a terrible situation to deal with. We use ID Shield from the folks at Legal shield as a inexpensive way to protect you up to $1,000,000 of cost in restoring your financial safety and reputation management..
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